Print w2 from Quickbooks

How to Print w2 from Quickbooks

At the end of each fiscal year, employers must provide their staff with a W-2 form, which records the previous year’s earnings. There’s also a section detailing the taxes withheld from his pay. This data is necessary for the worker to file his tax returns correctly. Your employer will send a copy of this form to the federal government, a copy to your state government, and a copy to you, the employee. The desktop and online payroll versions of Quickbooks allow you to print your employees’ W-2s. Understanding the W-2 form and its relevance is a prerequisite to moving on with printing.

What Is A W-2 Form?

W-2 is short for Wage and Tax Statement and is one of the Wage and Tax Form names. A copy of this form must be provided to each employee and the IRS by year’s end. One’s annual salary and the amount of taxes withheld from that salary are detailed on a W-2 form. A W-2 employee is one whose employer withholds taxes from his pay and then reports such withholdings to the appropriate authorities. Every employee who receives a salary, wage, or another type of remuneration from their company should receive a W-2 form. It doesn’t consider independent contractors or employees who submit their taxes. To file one’s income taxes before the April 15 deadline, the W-2 form must be mailed out no later than January 31. (in most years). The tax returns for the prior year are submitted. Let’s pretend that your W-2 arrived in the mail in January 2021. It represents your earnings for the year 2020.

Requirements to Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks

Some prerequisites for generating W-2s in QuickBooks for your staff members are outlined below.
  • Print your W-2 using the most recent version of QuickBooks. Your desktop’s version of Windows must be compatible with the performance of the QuickBook you’re using.
  • It is mandatory to have the QuickBooks Payroll Service running.
  • W-2 forms and paper must be printer- and service-friendly.
  • You can use pre-printed laser printer paper, blank paper, perforated paper, or both. The pre-printed form specifically designed for inkjet printers is also available.
  • Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date payroll tax table available.

 How to print W-2s in QuickBooks Online

 To begin, you must have run at least one payroll through QuickBooks Payroll during the prior tax year to print W-2s in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Payroll is a separate, paid service not included with your QuickBooks Online membership. Payroll processing costs between $22.50 and $62.50 per month, plus $4 and $10 per employee, respectively.

 It is possible to set up Intuit QuickBooks Online so that it will send you a notification through email or text message when it is time to send in your payroll tax forms. It will serve as a helpful reminder. You may enter the Payroll Settings menu by navigating to the upper right corner of the screen and clicking on the icon that looks like a gear.

Please ensure that “Send to you” is chosen for each email notification option after clicking the pencil symbol next to Email Notifications on the next screen. When you’re finished, just hit the “Done” button.

Even if you don’t get an email, you can still go ahead and print your W-2s. Using only your inbox or QuickBooks Online’s to-do list to get critical work done is terrible. Instead, it would help if you made a schedule of when important accounting activities are due.

Follow these six steps to print W-2s without using email alerts or the QuickBooks Dashboard’s task list:

  • Select Payroll Tax from the Taxes section of the left-hand menu.
  • If you follow the link, the Payroll Tax Center will load in a new tab or window on your browser. When you first open the Payroll Tax Center, it will show you a tab labeled Tax Payments. Pick this menu item.
  • By navigating the Forms screen, you may view all the forms that QuickBooks Payroll has filed on your behalf. There is a link to the previous year’s fourth quarter in this set of documents; use it to access the forms you need.
  • You can now access all the paperwork submitted on your company’s behalf. Select “W-2-Copies B, C & 2” to access a PDF version of the additional W-2 forms that employees must provide. If you aren’t careful, you can print copies of Form W-2 for your files instead of the ones your employees need for their taxes.

Pro tip: If you have an active membership, you may find all of these forms in QuickBooks Online, but it’s a good idea to download them just in case. PDFs containing employee information (names, addresses, SSNs, etc.) should be password protected.

  • Print your forms. Using standard PDF printing methods, locate the file you obtained in Step 4, open it, and then print the documents.

If you are utilizing pre-printed forms, you can save a form by telling your printer to omit the first page of the PDF, which contains essential information.

It’s important to remember that pre-printed W-2 forms are not mandatory. If you print things out on plain paper instead of fancy paper, you can save a lot of money. The pre-printed forms offered on the Intuit Marketplace are the ones the company suggests using. Intuit cannot ensure that any arrangements not purchased from its marketplace will be appropriately aligned when used with QuickBooks Payroll, although they have been tested.

We like using the Blank W-2 Kit that can be purchased from the Intuit Marketplace. Eliminating the need to manually align and fold the forms protects sensitive employee information while saving critical time.

  •  If an employee agrees to receive their W-2 electronically, you may also send it to them in this manner. Unlike pay stubs, you need employee permission to send W-2s electronically to the IRS.

If your staff members opt to get their W-2 forms electronically, they can retrieve them using the QuickBooks Workforce portal. Use the “Add an employee” button (see below) in QuickBooks Online to set up employee profiles. You can extend an invitation to let workers see their W-2s and pay stubs electronically. To invite a worker to join QuickBooks Workforce, enter their email address and select the box next to this option.


Printing and completing W-2s and other annual forms is the tip of the iceberg regarding annual payroll reporting responsibilities. Every year, even if you utilize QuickBooks Payroll, you need to make sure you match up the W-2 information with the information from your quarterly payroll forms (941s and state tax forms). Assuming everything is in line, filing your W-2s with the IRS and your state is as simple as handing them out. However, if corrections are needed, discovering them before submitting the paperwork will save you a great deal of time later on.

Get in touch with your accountant or a bookkeeper familiar with payroll if you need assistance reconciling your W-2s with your quarterly payroll forms for the year.

You should contact a QuickBooks ProAdvisor or an accountant or bookkeeper familiar with QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Online if you are having trouble printing W-2s in QuickBooks Online. To clear some of the pressure that comes with January, they will gladly assist you in checking your payroll data, printing your W-2s, and handing them out to your employees.

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