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Are you looking for instructions on how to add a user license to your QuickBooks accounting software? If you answered “yes,” your search can be considered complete. This article is about the comprehensive step-by-step method that must be completed to add a user license to your QuickBooks programme. If one needs more privileges, such as when multiple people wish to access the same QuickBooks desktop company file simultaneously, one can acquire them. An essential point to remember in this context is that the QuickBooks desktop premier software enables up to 5 users.

In comparison, the QuickBooks desktop pro software enables up to 3 users to operate in a company file simultaneously. Similarly, the QuickBooks pro edition supports simultaneous work from three different users. In contrast, the number of users in QuickBooks desktop enterprise solutions can go up to thirty. The number is also contingent on the number of licenses held by the individual. You can study this information to unlock the procedure for adding a user license to the QuickBooks desktop application. On the other hand, you might get in touch with our accounting specialists in the United States of America if you wish to save time while performing these responsibilities on your own.

A User License Can Be Added To Your QuickBooks Software By Following These Steps

Discover how to add a user license to your QuickBooks desktop software by reading the following:

 Step 1: Determine how many users license an individual has for QuickBooks.

 The processes outlined below can be carried out to determine the number of user licenses an individual possesses. Let’s go through the steps one at a time,

  •  To open the window displaying product details, you must initially use the F2 key.
  •   In addition to that, take notice of the total number of user licenses listed.
  •   It is recommended that this step be repeated each time QuickBooks is installed.

 Step 2: Collect up-to-date information on the costs associated with adding users to the license.

 The actions outlined below should be followed without fail if your goal is to obtain up-to-date information regarding the cost of adding users to a license.

  •   It is recommended that you navigate to the Help menu in QuickBooks, after which you should pick Manage My License, followed by Buy Additional User License, to obtain the most up-to-date pricing information.
  •   In addition, for up-to-date pricing information, follow the link to add seats online.

 Step 3: Acquire additional user licenses for QuickBooks by paying for them.

 If you are interested in purchasing extra user licenses, then the following processes need to be completed:

  •  Your first order of business in QuickBooks should be to navigate to the Help menu, select Manage My License, and then proceed to Buy Additional User Licenses. It’s essential to remember that if the option to “Buy extra user license” isn’t presented, the number of people who can access QuickBooks may have already reached its maximum capacity.


  •   In addition, the new page that loads will provide you with the choice to purchase extra licenses either online or over the phone. If you contact intuit by phone, you will be delivered to the appropriate number after selecting the option. If you choose the online alternative, a new page will load and allow you to determine the number of licences to be purchased.


  • The subsequent step is to install the desktop version of QuickBooks on as many more computers as the number of licences being purchased will allow. You should use the identical license and product numbers utilized during the initial QuickBooks desktop installation.


  • After installing it, you must activate QuickBooks desktop by following the on-screen steps. You can also update new license information by going to the Help menu, selecting Manage My License from the drop-down menu, and then selecting Sync License Data Online.

 Imagine that you are installing QuickBooks on a computer that does not have an active internet connection. What would you do? In that case, you can manually update the new license information by going to the Help menu, selecting Manage My License, and then Purchasing Additional User Licenses. It will allow you to install QuickBooks on additional computers. You can also use the phone option to enter the validation code provided after you acquire the additional license. This option is available to you both online and over the phone.


 In conclusion, the actions outlined above are more than adequate to add a user license to the QuickBooks software correctly. Suppose, despite following the steps outlined above, you still need to add a user license to QuickBooks correctly. In that case, we suggest that you get in touch with our team of accounting experts and technical gurus as soon as possible. You can call the exceptional customer support line that askaccountings provides, and their staff will be more than pleased to dispel any of your doubts and uncertainties.

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