How to Fix Quickbook Script Error

How to Fix Quickbooks Script Error

Quickbook is synonymous with accounts and bookkeeping and its popularity is increasing every day. It has a record market share of around 95% around the globe with few or no competitors. Most small and mid-sized industries have experienced using QuickBooks at some point during their years of growth to keep track of finances, accounts, taxes, etc. It plays an important role in keeping track of your finances and accounts with accurate results.

As with everything worldly, comes its problems and challenges. Quickbook is not an exception. Quickbooks sometimes have some technical issues of their own. A major problem encountered by most Quickbook users at some point in time is the notorious Quickbook Script Error. The problem is often linked to the lack of advanced features in the Quickbook software which cause it to have compatibility issue on different computers. 

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Firstly, let’s discuss the matter at hand on How we can Fix Quickbook Script Errors in detail. 

How many distinct Script error types are there in Quickbook? 

There can be several error types, but the most reported ones are mentioned below as a list. 

  1. Script Error
  2. Error in Script
  3. Script error line #### character ## object ####

What are the causes of Quickbook Script Errors? 

There can be a variety of arguments and discussions of what causes the Quickbook Script Error. But some of the main points are listed below. 

  1. The cache memory on the browser is full. 
  2. Incompatible browser settings. 
  3. ActiveX has damaged components. 
  4. The Script function is blocked-off by a firewall or a security application.
  5. The Quickbook data file is disfunctional. 
  6. The software which processes scripts is not properly working.

As we have listed the seven major problems which cause Script Errors in Quickbook, let us discuss on how we can handle them properly. 

 How to deal with Quickbook Script Error

  1. The cache memory on the browser is full  

When browsers are used for a while they tend to slow down because the cache memory present on the browser is replete with usage. To fix this process we just have to clear the cache memory which oftentimes works. This process can be adopted if you want to clear your browser’s cache memory. 

  1.  Go to the browser settings, click on Privacy and Security then go to Cookies and Sites Data and select all site data. 
  2.  On the search bar above, type “intuit” which will give you all Intuit-related cookies. Go and click on the remove all icon. 

 Once these actions are performed, restart your computer before initiating Intuit. 

  1.  Incompatible browser settings 

 Sometimes browsers setting are not compatible with Quickbook settings which causes an error. To make the browser more compatible with your Quickbook setting follow this procedure.

  1.  After opening Internet Explorer, go to the “tools” icon (using the ALT key with will pop up the menu bar easily), then go to the Tools menu.
  2.  Go to “Compatibility View Setting” present on the menu. On the field where it is written “Add this website field”, type or paste “” and choose and click “Add”.

 Repeat ‘step ii’ and add both “https://*” and “https://*” after which select close. 

  1. ActiveX has damaged components

 If the other two steps are not working and Quickbook is still not functioning, a likely reason for the error could be damaged ActiveX components. For proper functioning of the program, remove the “ActiveX” file present on IE. Follow these steps to do it properly. 

  1.  Hover your mouse over the “options” section on Internet Explorer. Go and click on “settings”, then click on “View Objects”. Look-up up all the installed “ActiveX” files on the system. 
  2. Look for a file that will start with the name “qboax” like “qboax11” or “qboax11.dll”. Once the desired files are located, delete all the relevant files and restart your browser

The Script function is blocked-off by a firewall or a security application

 A firewall or third-party security software like antivirus, blockers, etc. can also be a cause if your Quickbook Script Error persists. One way to get over this obstacle is to tweak settings on Internet Explorer and allow certain sites to bypass the security. 

Change your security setting and remove a site from the security zone on Internet Explore, by following these steps. 

  •  Go to Internet Explorer, click on “Tools”, and select “Internet options.”
  • On the “Security” tab, select available security zone icons like Local intranet, Trusted sites, Restricted sites, etc… After this, select Sites. Remove Quickbook from this zone if you locate the Quickbook website there. 
  • If you want Quickbook to never get scrutinized on this zone you can add Quickbook website URL in the “Remove a site” section and paste Quickbook URL
  1. The Quickbook data file is disfunctional

 Many times it happens that Quickbook loses some of its files after installation. This can be caused by various reasons but this can be overcome by going through these steps. Go to this step if you have already used other processes explained before this step.

 Use the built-in Rebuilt Data tool on Quickbook

  1.  On the “File” menu, go to “Utilities” and click on Rebuild Data. Back up your data using on-screen steps, and press OK. 

Note – At this point, Quickbook might freeze up, but repair is going on in the background so there is nothing to worry about.

  1. One tool finishes the repairs, click on OK. Hover over the “File” menu, then Utilities and click “Verify Data”. If there are some issues with your file the tool will reflect automatically. 

 Manual Repair

  1. A manual repair can help. To follow this process, go to “file”, then check “Utilities” and click on “Verify Data.” The tool will check for possible data issues. 
  2. Present after “Verify Results”, and select “Expand All” to check for possible errors.  

The software which processes scripts is not properly working

Sometimes a minor issue but uninstalling and reinstalling Java, Adobe Flash, and .Net Framework which are exclusive to Quickbook users only can help. Internet Explorer might not be able to install all of these on its own on some computers. For easy installation use other browsers like Google Chrome, Bing, etc.

Bonus tip – It is not always that we all have to be complicated to achieve the simplest results. Sometimes checking for possible viruses and malware on your computer can also help you to fix the possible Script Error completely. 

Quickbooks Script Error is quite generic to most of the users. Everyone must have faced this one or the other time in the time of usage of Quickbook. But if, none of these processes help, get an in-depth solution from our expert team on everything accounting-related. We are always ready to help you round-the-clock. Call us, 



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