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How to Fix the Unable To Export To Excel Error in QuickBooks? Askaccountings

A popular and well-made program with a lot of cutting-edge features is called QuickBooks. This program truly benefits company owners worldwide. However, when it comes to technicalities, code, and algorithms, errors and technical concerns are unavoidable. When exploring the capabilities and functionalities of this program, QuickBooks customers may encounter difficulties, one of which is QuickBooks being unable to export files to Excel. Many QuickBooks customers may face this mistake, and the majority of them find it too complex to resolve. We give readers a thorough understanding of the problem with “QuickBooks unable to export to excel error” in this post, including its causes and fix.

Having trouble exporting QuickBooks data to Excel

QuickBooks customers may encounter problems while exporting data to Excel at times. This problem typically occurs when this accounting program is unable to detect the Excel that is installed on the user’s PC, which occurs when the user updates QuickBooks. According to QuickBooks experts, one of the most popular strategies to avoid this problem is to re-register all the keys with Microsoft by reinstalling or simply updating Microsoft Office. This technique enables the program to recognize that Excel is present on the machine. However, this is not the sole remedy; there are several additional ways to correct this flaw that will discuss later in this article.

Possible Root Causes of QuickBooks Export to Excel Error

QuickBooks export to Excel failure might be caused by a variety of circumstances.  Let’s look at the causes of the “QuickBooks export to Excel not working” problem before moving on to the troubleshooting methods.  Furthermore, determining the source of the mistake is more crucial than following the right troubleshooting techniques.  Some of the possible reasons for this mistake are as follows:

The most recent software upgrades have not been installed in a long time, resulting in the problem.

One of the potential causes of the problem might be a partial or incomplete update

The MS Excel program is broken.

The settings for Windows User Account Controls might occasionally cause problems when exporting files to Excel from QuickBooks.

Your computer does not have the minimum specifications needed to run the QuickBooks Desktop program. (Confirm that your system satisfies the Minimum System Requirement to Run QuickBooks.)

How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Cannot Export to Excel?

Solution 1-Update the QuickBooks software 

The software is updated to guarantee that QuickBooks operates at its peak performance. The following procedures must be taken to update the program and, as a result, resolve the issue of QuickBooks not exporting to Excel.

  • Start the program on your PC.
  • Then select “update” from the main menu.
  • Finish the update procedure, then check to see if the problem is still there.
  • Verify the stability of the internet connection.

Solution-2 Disable Windows User Account Control Settings momentarily

Sometimes, Windows User Account Control settings that are designed to safeguard your system from malicious threats mistake QuickBooks and its associated processes for security risk and restrict part or all of the user’s operations in QuickBooks. In this troubleshooting step, we’ll momentarily turn off Windows UAC settings and see whether it fixes the issue.

  • Search for UAC using the Windows Start button.
  • Now, choose Adjust User Account Control Settings and adjust the settings to Never Notify.
  • Click OK, and then restart Windows.
  • Check to see whether the problem is fixed by attempting to export a form or report from QuickBooks in Excel format.

Solution-3Try exporting using the right technique.

Using an inappropriate way to export an Excel file might potentially cause problems. To prevent receiving problems while exporting Excel files from QuickBooks, follow the regular process.

  • Make your way to the Customer Centre and select Transactions from the Transaction Pane.
  • Choose a transaction for the transaction journal from the Transactions list.
  • Choose your transaction journal.
  • By using the Excel button, you may create a new worksheet and export it to Excel.
  • Make sure to open the Item List before your report.
  • Choose List, then click on Item List.
  • Choose the desired report from the Report Menu and click Open.
  • Select the Email button, followed by the Export to Excel option.
  • Choose Excel or Email as an Excel form from the drop-down menu.

Solution 4: Turn off UAC before exporting to Excel in QuickBooks.

If implemented with stringent regulations, Windows User Account Control can impose severe limitations. Utilize the steps below to change the UAC settings to fix the export to Excel 

  • Navigate to the Control Panel and type User Account Control into the top search field.
  • Choose User Account Control (UAC) from the list of options, then drag the slider to Never Notify.
  • Retry exporting an Excel file from QuickBooks after the modifications have been saved.


The user may be able to cope with problems like QuickBooks not exporting to Excel by reading this post, we hope as we conclude this article. The customer is advised to contact our QuickBooks online support staff.

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