Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks

How to Find Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an easy-to-use program. This made work faster for everyone in the accounting industry. It has many multi-functional features that make it an excellent tool for flawless work. Not only are startups and small organizations using QuickBooks more and more, but even mid-sized businesses are using QuickBooks for their needs.

The different versions of QuickBooks are Enterprise, Pro, and Premier, which should be chosen by the organization according to their requirements. Cash flow management, inventory management, timely payments, and more are made much easier with QuickBooks.

How to find and Recover Deleted Invoices in QuickBooks

QuickBooks users can access their files from anywhere in the world. However, like any program, QuickBooks users may have questions. In such cases, it becomes even more important to consult a QuickBooks expert. For QuickBooks-related tips, such as how to find and recover deleted invoices in QuickBooks, it is recommended to contact a QuickBooks-trained expert. Let’s take a look at possible solutions to any of these issues that QuickBooks users may face.

Two Ways to find and Recover Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks 

If you’ve accidentally deleted a transaction, don’t panic. You can recover deleted transactions using the following two methods. The information here is perfect for recovering files in a hassle-free manner.

Transactions that have been intentionally edited or deleted appear in the QB audit trail and can be retrieved by re-entering the information. You may accidentally lose a transaction due to a computer error or restore lost data via a backup file to provide an up-to-date backup. For more details and step-by-step help, you can also contact an expert via QuickBooks’ 24/7 support phone number. You can find the deleted transactions in QuickBooks using the following methods:

Method 1: Recover deleted invoices in QuickBooks using the recovery method

  • First step: In QuickBooks, click the File menu.
  • Second step: Select More options to open or restore the backup file
  • Third Step: Click the “Next” button.
  • Fourth Step: If backup files are stored on your computer, select Local Backup.
  • Fifth Step: Click the “Next” button.
  • Sixth Step: Search for backup files
  • Seventh Step: Then select and restore the files in QuickBooks
  • Eighth Step: Click the “Open” button to open it
  • Ninth Step: Click Save to start the recovery process.

Method 2: Recover deleted transactions using QuickBooks Audit Trail

You should use the audit log to recover all details of the deleted transaction and recreate the transaction.

  • Audit logs can only record saved transactions.
  • QuickBooks Online version cannot generate a deleted transaction report.

This method will take around 8 minutes to recover deleted transactions. Let’s now explore the process of finding and recovering deleted transactions using an audit trail in QuickBooks.

  • First step: Click on Reports -> Accounts and taxes -> The side menu opens -> the Audit trail tab. The audit trail contains all transactions that have been entered, changed, or deleted. This feature avoids fraud issues by recording the date, time, and user who changed or deleted a transaction.
  • Second step: Click on -> from the date range field -> select the date on which the transaction was deleted. If you don’t know the date, you can run the report weekly or monthly. Click Refresh -> The audit trail shows all transactions within the specific date range you specified.
  • Third step: See the full list of transactions -> double click on the deleted transaction. Write down each element of the transaction. The audit trail is set by the user who last created or modified the transaction based on its type. The date the transaction was created and the date the transaction was modified.
  • Fourth step: Enter the details of the deleted transaction. If the invoice has been deleted, please create a new invoice with the deleted transaction information. For invoices or payment receipts, create a new invoice or payment receipt using the information that was accidentally deleted.

Contact a QuickBooks expert for help.

If you accidentally deleted an important transaction, you can follow the recommended steps above in two scenarios. These steps are recommended by experts and followed by users worldwide. You can contact QuickBooks customer support in a variety of ways, including toll-free, email, and live chat, to recover your deleted transactions.


What are the ways to recover deleted transactions in QuickBooks?

First, try scanning the hard drive where you deleted the QB file. Then run a quick scan and a deep scan to find the deleted QuickBooks files. Select the QB file in the program they found for you. Then tap and click on the recovery button called Recovery.

How can I find deleted transactions and re-enter them using the audit trail?

First, go to Settings and select Revision History. From the filters, use the drop-down menus to select the relevant people, events, and dates. Click the Apply button and find the deleted transaction. Select View in the History column. Under the Events tab, you can see all the details you need for your appointment. Re-enter the transaction with the original transaction date using data from the audit log. 

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