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Download QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2018

Accounting and bookkeeping tasks that businesses need to do every day can’t be done by hand. So, they need to get accounting software with the right set of features so they can go about their daily business without any problems. QuickBooks Download Desktop is one of these kinds of accounting software. It has many features and functions that can help any business, no matter what size it is or what industry it is in. If you have decided to use this accounting software for your business, you have made a great choice.

 The Business Plan Tool lets you use data and information from your QuickBooks company file to make a financial plan for the next 36 months.

 Job Costing:

 Once you start paying bills, money to vendors, contractors/subcontractors, etc., it adds up to all your costs. In the reports’ “Job costing” section, you’ll find options that make it easy to tell which expenses belong to which jobs and which don’t. Making money has always been the primary goal of every business. This is what a summary of the profitability of a job does.

 Paid hours and unpaid hours:

 How long has a person working at a particular job?

 Cost to the business:

 You can quickly look at the finished and unfinished work based on how much has been done.

 Costing Centre for Jobs:

 A single screen shows essential information about all the jobs, profits, and costs.

 How should you get QuickBooks and set it up?

 Five easy steps would be taken to finish the job. So, learn how to run QuickBooks download free.

 Step 1: Make sure of these.

 Make sure you got the correct version of QuickBooks when you bought it.

Check out what your computer needs to do.

Check how well the Internet connection works.

 Step 2: Buy QuickBooks and download it.

  •  Go to the official site for the Inuit.
  • Choose the best version from the ones that are offered
  •  Just look at how much things like QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise cost.
  • Tap on the item you want.
  •  Also, try to fill in your credit card and bank account information.
  • Now, the window will pop up with the license and product code.
  • You will also receive a confirmation letter in the mail.
  • When the button to download QuickBooks appears on the screen, click it.
  • Just put the software where it will be easy to find.
  • Tap again to start the process of downloading.
  • You have to wait for the process to be done.

 Step 3: Setting up QuickBooks

  • To start, open the QuickBooks.exe file that you downloaded.
  • Then, click Yes on the box asking if you can do it.
  • Pay close attention to the instructions.
  • Click “Yes.”
  • Pick Next.
  • After that, you only need to give the product and license code.
  • Then, tap Next.

 Step 4: Choose the way to put it in.

 There are two ways to set up something. Choose the correct option from the Custom, Network, and Express install menus.

 Express Install

Use this method after you’ve looked at the following:

  • You have never used QuickBooks before.
  • QuickBooks is being reinstalled for the first time.
  • Also, the software will be used for a single user.

After making sure of these things, do as follows:

  •  Start by clicking Express.
  •  Hit Next.
  •  Click the Install button.
  • When the process is done, choose Open QuickBooks.
  •  Installs on Demand and Network

 This way of setting up would be better for users who:

  •  Do you want to put software on a server?
  •  I will use the network with many users.
  • Put the file for the company on a server.

 Follow the steps below to keep going with this method:

  • Click on Custom and Network Options to get started.
  • After that, click Next.
  • When asked how you want to use QuickBooks, tell the truth.
  • Tap Change the install location after that.
  • Click the Browse button to find where you want the QB folder to go.
  •  After that, click Program Files.
  • Pressing Next will move the installation forward.
  • In the end, choose Open QuickBooks.

 Step Five: Turning on QuickBooks

  •   This is the last thing you need to do to turn on QuickBooks. To use this software, you must enter the login or license code to activate it.

 This is what QuickBooks Premier 2018 offers:

 With the new update, QuickBooks Desktop Premier lets you get to the business performance based on cash and accrual with just one click. You can also compare them based on how well they work and help the organization.

 With the 2018 version of the software, you can also have your payroll taxes sent to the government automatically and on time. The software’s main home page contains reminders about payroll obligations. This helps you keep track of all the taxes that need to be paid and turned in.

 The Chart of accounts is fundamental in the company file and the software. There are a lot of reports, journals, and ledgers in the Chart. Together, they make up multiple pages of business information. The new update has added an advanced search option to the Chart of accounts. This makes it possible to find the information quickly without having to scroll and waste time.

 Having a lot of screens makes it easier to manage the time it takes to turn things around. With the latest update, you can use more than one desktop simultaneously. This makes the turnaround time much faster and the data more accurate. When we switch between screens to enter data, there are many chances we’ll need to correct it. This update will stop that from happening.

 Controlling and managing inventory is one of the essential parts of running a business. The new system gives users a customizable and flexible way to report on their lists. You can make reports based on your needs and get all the business insights you need. Reporting is crucial to keeping track of stock and making essential business decisions.


 Having read this, you should be able to download and set up QuickBooks successfully, it’s time to implement those steps and get the most out of this software.

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