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Where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks’s preferences may be accessed via the Gear button. You should know that the software’s primary operations can be kicked off by adjusting specific settings. This indicator appears as soon as a user logs into QuickBooks. However, you should be aware of this icon’s precise location in case you need it but cannot find it. Although the Gear indicator or symbol appears shortly after accounting software is launched, its exact location may change significantly from version to version. Thus, the areas of Gear and settings may vary depending on whether you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or a specific version of QuickBooks, such as 2019, 2020, or 2021.

 When using QuickBooks, what does the gear icon represent?

 QuickBooks features a button represented by a gear icon. It is crucial since it unlocks additional functionality within the Intuit programme. In addition to features, the gear icon in QuickBooks may be used to access profile management options. Here are some examples of where this graphical representation can be helpful:

  •   The “Tools” menu and other crucial settings can be accessed quickly by tapping the gear icon.
  • It’s a gateway to the program’s configuration options. The icon serves this function chiefly. Without this, starting different procedures in QuickBooks can be a challenge.
  •  To locate a specific purchase, “Lists” are necessary. This icon is used to display the same information in several ways.
  • The Cog icon can import Stripe data into QuickBooks or other accounting software.

 In QuickBooks, what Does the Gear Icon Look Like?

 You shouldn’t only know what the Gear icon does; you should be able to recognize it. In QuickBooks, the Gear icon looks like a wheel. It’s prominently displayed right when you first launch the bookkeeping programme. Thus, this icon’s symbol makes it simple to recognize and gain access to its functionality. More than one version of this Intuit programme is available for your use. Whether you’re using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, remember that this is what the Gear symbol looks like.

 In QuickBooks, where is the Settings cog?

 A mental image of what the Gear icon looks like can prove helpful. However, this knowledge is only valid if supplemented with the ability to identify and use it. The QuickBooks software’s top button is this one. At that location, you can pick from three different options. You may see the closest resemblance to a wheel in the Gear icon.

  •  To begin locating the icon, “QuickBooks” should be launched.
  • Examine the screen’s top right corner.
  • There is a wheel-shaped icon off to the right. Please hover your mouse pointer over this icon and hit the key.

 You have just learned to locate the QuickBooks settings cog. You can use this icon once you click on it. 

 QuickBooks Desktop: Where Is the Gear Icon?

 Whether you want to change certain settings or view a specific list, the first step with QuickBooks Desktop is always to click the gear icon. To this end, locating instances of the hero or symbol is crucial. The updated version has the icon next to the firm’s name. However, its positioning or placement may change depending on the program version used. If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop 2019 or Pro 2019, you’ll find it between two other icons in the upper right corner.

  1.  Use the QuickBooks Desktop application

 In QuickBooks Desktop, you can choose to label your business by name. You can use this function if you need to change the name of a file. The Gear icon is conveniently located close by. You can enter the settings and begin the necessary procedures as soon as you log in.

 These steps will walk you through finding the Gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop:

  •  Make sure the desktop version of “QuickBooks” is active.
  •  Please select the “Company Name” option.
  • If the option to choose the company name is available, click it.The gear icon in QuickBooks Desktop is a giveaway.

 2. Use QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019/17 as an alternative.

 You can choose Pro 2019, Pro 2017, Pro 2016, etc. QuickBooks Desktop. If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop 2017 or Pro 2019, the Gear symbol is located in the window’s upper-right corner. You may find the icon close to the Help section in both versions. It is the standard location for this icon or symbol in software releases from the same year.

  •  The “QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019” or “QuickBooks Desktop 2017” should be started.
  •  Look at the top right corner of the program.

 If you look closely, you’ll notice a round icon sandwiched between the abovementioned choices. Find out where to find the settings cog in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019 and 2017.

 How do I access QuickBooks Online’s Settings Menu?

 You can find the gear icon across different versions of the accounting programme in nearly the same places. Typically, you may find it in the top right corner. To that end, there’s a QuickBooks Online gear icon there. Because of this, whenever you need to initiate a procedure immediately, you can tap this icon and proceed accordingly.

 To help you further with the position of the gear button in QuickBooks Online, reading the following steps is recommended:

  • Get “QuickBooks Online” up and running the right way.
  • The “Create” button can be found by clicking on it.
  • Look for the word “Help” next to the icon above. A button to access it will be made available.
  • Take a look between the lines here. You may easily find the term “Gear.”

 When a user clicks this button, QuickBooks Online’s configuration screen opens. Using Gear, you can integrate your budget into QuickBooks Online, create a depreciation account, and much more.

 Why Doesn’t My QuickBooks Desktop Have a Gear Icon?

 Quickbooks Desktop often opens via Internet Explorer. The accounting programme may feel the effects of this browser’s cache buildup. Such features as the Gear button may take a lot of work. If you are using Quickbooks Online but don’t see the gear symbol, clearing your browser’s cache may help.

 To restore the gear icon, use these steps to clear your cache in QuickBooks Desktop:

  •  Bring up “Internet Explorer” and start using it.
  •  Look at the “Settings” icon, which looks like a gear.
  • The option “Extras” must be chosen.
  • Select “Internet Options” from the menu that appears.
  • Refer to the “General” tab for more info.
  • Find the menu item labelled “Browser History” here.
  • For deletion, select the “Delete” option. You may also clear the cache from this location.


 Read on to see why QuickBooks’ Gear menu item is vital to your business. Knowing where something is located is crucial for users. The placement of this icon was examined about the most popular implementations. With this knowledge, you can quickly identify the Gear symbol and proceed with crucial procedures.

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