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How Do You Enter or Edit Your Payroll Service Key/Disk Delivery in QuickBooks?

Any QuickBooks user who wants to work on payroll should understand how to get started with QuickBooks payroll. We’ll begin with Payroll Service Key. This 16-digit key is provided when you purchase/purchase QuickBooks Payroll. This code is unique to your EIN and payroll service. When you want to enable payroll service in your QB file, you must input this security key.

What is the QuickBooks Payroll Service Key?

To activate your Payroll, you must first purchase the service key via phone. The 16-digit service key code for QuickBooks is thereafter sent to you through email. The service key will be unique to your EIN and payroll service. To activate your QuickBooks payroll service in your software file, input the code within.

If you have not received or have misplaced your service key, you can obtain it using our automated Service Key Retrieval tool. If you have any difficulties getting the service key, please contact our QuickBooks payroll support staff. This guide will walk you through every stage of the procedure.

Why is your QuickBooks Payroll Service Key inoperable?

  • There might be various reasons why your service key isn’t working. Three of the probable explanations are listed below.
  • There are several payroll orders in the system.
  • The payroll product is purchased from a retail retailer.


  • The company phone number does not match the phone number you entered into the software’s database.

How to Enter or Change Your Payroll Service Key

You can enter or modify your Payroll Service Key by following the procedures outlined below

Step 1: Obtain the service key that was sent to you through email

  • If you haven’t received your service key yet, you can use the automated key retrieval function.
  • Sign in to your Intuit Account now to obtain your service key.
  • Possible causes of an automated tool not working include:

There are several reasons why the automated tool is not working

  • There might be many payroll orders in the system for your organization.
  • If the payroll product was purchased from a retail location
  • If the phone number for your company that you have supplied does not work,

Step 2:Launch the QuickBooks Service keys dialogue box

  • You can select Employees > Payroll > Enter Payroll Service Key if there isn’t a payroll service listed in your company file.
  • QuickBooks Service keys should be opened. 
  • If your firm has a payroll service, navigate to Employees > My Payroll Services > Manage Payroll Services.

Step 3: Navigate to the QuickBooks Service Keys window, and then Enter your service key here.

  • If no payroll services are displayed, click Add.
  • Enter or edit your payroll in QuickBooks – Add if no payroll service is offered
  • If a payroll service is mentioned, choose Edit.
  • In QuickBooks, enter or edit your payroll – payroll service is mentioned.
  • Select Edit once again and make a note of the service key.
  • In QuickBooks, enter or edit your payroll key.  
  • Go to QuickBooks Desktop and delete the payroll service key.
  • In QuickBooks, enter or edit your payroll. 
  • Select Next and see whether a Payroll Update notification shows.
  • If so, click OK.
  • Finally, check and confirm that the Service Status is ACTIVE.
  • If the status is set to Active, press ok.

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