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The QuickBooks validation code generator facilitates the activation of your accounting software. You’ll need this unique activation code to use QuickBooks and access your company’s accounts and records. This guide will teach you how to use the QuickBooks 2012 validation code generator, whether you are a new user of QuickBooks or are accessing your QuickBooks account from a different location on the system. This tutorial will explain how to use the QuickBooks validation code generator and will discuss the many advantages of doing so. They will supply some solutions if you need help with utilizing the validation tool. Note that the QuickBooks Desktop, POS, Enterprise, and other versions are compatible with the validation code generator.

Where Can I Find a Validation Code Generator for QuickBooks and How Do I Get It?

You’ll need an activation code after installing QuickBooks on your PC. It is when having access to a validation code generation tool comes in handy. It creates a unique code that must be entered during QuickBooks’s registration process. The generated code can verify the registered account with the appropriate service. Once your account has been successfully registered, you can use the financial application.

Users will need a validation code generator when accessing your QuickBooks file from a separate computer or during a QuickBooks Desktop upgrade. First-time users of QuickBooks Desktop on a particular machine will also need to use the validation code generator. Whether you’re new to QuickBooks or a seasoned pro, you’ll find the information you need here about downloading the QuickBooks validation code generator.

How to Enable the Validation Code Generator in Versions 2013, 2015, and Later?

The Intuit-supplied activation code must be entered into QuickBooks to activate the validation code generator. The registration process is complete once you’ve logged in again after signing up. Follow these instructions to generate a validation code for QuickBooks 2013:

  • The first step is to start up “QuickBooks Desktop” on your PC.
  • Then, pick the “Help” menu.
  • Activate the “Register” button now.
  • Your Intuit-issued code must be entered at this time.
  • To sign up for a new account, head to the top right and click the button if you still need to remember your old one.
  • After that, you’ll be able to complete your registration. After that, go ahead and reaccess the account.
  • You may finish the login details once you have logged in.
  • Then, look for a choice labeled “Menu.”
  • Please continue by selecting the “Intuit account” option.
  • Select the “Register” menu item.
  • After you have completed these actions, your registration will be processed.

 Generate Validation Codes for QuickBooks.

You can utilize the validation code generator if you forget your login credential. You can also use the QuickBooks Enterprise 2015 validation code generator to access your QuickBooks account. To enter the code, select QuickBooks from the Help menu. It will bring up the registration details dialogue box.

You may learn how to download the code generator for QuickBooks Pro 2013 and begin the code generation process by reading the instructions below.

  •  Start up a computer and run “QuickBooks Desktop.” Make sure you don’t access the company files.
  • The “Help” option can be accessed from the main menu.
  • Then select the menu item labelled “QuickBooks.”
  • Following this, you’ll be taken to a window where you can fill out your registration information.
  • At this time, hit “Ctrl” followed by “R” and “P” on your keyboard.
  • When finished, enter the validation code in the appropriate space.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Following these procedures, you will successfully create and enter the code into QuickBooks.

Where Can I Get a Validation Code for QuickBooks 2007?

It’s possible to generate validation codes by pressing specific keys on your keyboard. To retrieve the license key, select File> Open > QBRegistration.dat. Learn the method thoroughly by following these steps:

  • Get started with “QuickBooks Desktop.”
  •  To do so, press the “F2” button. Selecting this option will take you to the product details page.
  • To open the “Tech Help” window from the “Product Information” screen, hit the “F3” key.
  • Get started by going to the “File” menu.
  •  Choose the “QBRegistration.dat” file from the drop-down list.
  • If the File doesn’t open in Notepad automatically, select it from the Windows application list and press the OK button.
  • You can now utilize the “Ctrl+F” shortcut on your keyboard.
  • Enter the license number and click “Enter” to submit it.
  • You can easily find your license number by clicking the “Find” button. You will be taken to a website where you can enter a validation code by clicking this.

 Users should keep track of their QuickBooks license key or validation code if they need to reactivate the software later. After that, you can modify your QuickBooks license number per the instructions.

What to Do if an Error Occurs When Attempting to Generate a Validation Code in QuickBooks 2008

It’s possible to avoid mistakes when employing the QuickBooks validation code generator. To what do you attribute this occurrence? Have a look at these potential problems:

  • You have entered an incorrect validation code or key.
  • Unfortunately, they will need to put this on hold for the time being.

 Inconveniences of this nature could prevent you from effectively accessing your QuickBooks account. The following actions are possible in such a situation:

  • Make sure you’re using the correct code and typing it in.
  • Verify that you still have a valid subscription to use QuickBooks.
  • The product’s serial number must match the license’s serial number.
  • Verify that you have received the product download confirmation email.
  • Inspect the CD’s cover sticker before making a purchase.

 These steps will help you acquire the necessary activation key for the program. If you’re still having trouble with QuickBooks 2009 validation code generator after doing the troubleshooting above steps, you can try the following:

  •  It is essential to ensure the time and date in QuickBooks are set correctly for your location.
  • Error-proof your “ECML” file by starting over.
  • On a Windows machine, turn on support for MSXML.
  • Quickbooks also has an installation programme that may be performed.
  • Registration problems can be fixed by reinstalling the programme.
  • Follow these steps to fix QuickBooks 2011 validation code generator issues.


The previous post taught readers how to get their hands on a QuickBooks validation code generator. They explained where to locate the validation code for activating the accounting program, how to start the validation code generator, and how to generate validation codes. They have also included some troubleshooting steps in case the validation code generator stops working for you.

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