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How To Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors? AskAccountings

Problems while upgrading QuickBooks Desktop are extremely common and might happen at any point in the application during various actions. If you experience any update difficulties in QuickBooks, the program won’t let you download or install any updates. This includes payroll functions in QuickBooks Desktop. Without a doubt, millions of small- and medium-sized business owners throughout the world rely on QuickBooks, a cutting-edge accounting program. Nonetheless, while being a cutting-edge program, it occasionally encounters issues that prevent it from working properly and make it difficult for users to edit the program. QuickBooks Desktop Update problems are among those that might occur at any time while downloading updates or the most recent upgrades. These problems may prohibit QuickBooks from being upgraded or from installing new QuickBooks features.

QuickBooks update issues typically appear when you attempt to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop or download the most recent edition. When a newer version becomes available, the program notifies you. When you try to download updates, these issues appear. They halted the updating process entirely. In most circumstances, the error messages are not visible, but you may encounter many difficulties while updating the program. 

The most frequent update errors are

  • QuickBooks error number 12045
  • QuickBooks error 12157
  • QB error number 12038

What exactly are QuickBooks Updating Errors?

QuickBooks Desktop update problems, as the name implies, prevent QuickBooks from updating. It obstructs the updating process by displaying error messages or codes on the screen. Moreover, the system may freeze or crash, failing to function as intended. Such issues, when QuickBooks refuses to update, can have a significant impact on the system.

In this blog piece, we will discuss several reliable remedies for QuickBooks desktop update issues. We hope you can resolve the update issues by following the troubleshooting methods outlined below.

Causes of QuickBookdestop update errors

  • Inadequate internet connection while updating or downloading the most recent version
  • Restrictive setting if a personal firewall
  • Internet security settings
  • Several QuickBooks instances have been discovered on the sam
  • The wrong date and time were set on the computer

Method-1 Problems with general Internet connectivity

In many cases, an inconsistent internet connection might cause problems with QuickBooks desktop update errors. To resolve such difficulties before upgrading QuickBooks, you must first verify your internet connection signal.

Method -2  Verify the computer’s system date and time.

  • In the beginning, look at the time in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Now, right-click on it and select modify. Date/Time
  • Modify the date and time
  • Choose the current date and time.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop Update again. QuickBooks Desktop software

Method -3 Examine your internet connection settings.

  • If the website is available to you, open QuickBooks and proceed with the steps below.
  • Go to Help and then Internet Connection Setup.
  • To connect, check the box that says “Use my computer’s Internet connection settings” and then click. Then, select Advanced Connection Settings, followed by the Advanced tab.
  • Now Choose the Restore Advanced Settings option.
  • After that, click OK.
  • Lastly, make an update to QuickBooks Desktop.

Method -4  If several versions of QuickBooks are installed on the same machine.

Update problems may occur. If several QuickBooks desktop products for the same version and year are installed on the same computer system For instance, if you simultaneously have QuickBooks desktop Premier Edition 2016 and QuickBooks desktop enterprise solution 2016, it might be confusing and difficult to install QuickBooks updates.

Method-5 Manual updates are available for download and installation.

Please bear in mind that updating QuickBooks does not imply upgrading the software. QuickBooks desktop may be updated manually or automatically to the latest recent version. The easiest approach is to enable Automatic Update, which allows QuickBooks to automatically download the most recent updates regardless of whether the software is running or not. If you do not wish to use this feature, you may manually update QuickBooks software at least once a month.

Method-6 Install Updates in Safe Mode

  • To overcome QuickBooks update problems, download the updates in safe mode. This procedure includes the following steps:
  • To begin, boot your computer into Safe mode.
  • After your system restarts, press the F8 key repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Options display on the screen.
  • Press the enter key after choosing safe mode with networking
  • Then, re-download the update.
  • If the update was successfully downloaded, restart the machine in Normal mode and re-download the update.
  • Start the QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool.
  • If the installation files are the cause of the QuickBooks update error, you may utilize the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub to resolve the issue.

 Follow these steps to resolve the issue 

  • Restart QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Choose “Installation Problems” from the tool hub’s tabs.
  • The next step is to select the  “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool“.
  • The tool will begin attempting to resolve the installation issues.
  • When the application has resolved the installation issues, restart your computer.


We are certain that if you follow the steps outlined in this post, the QuickBooks desktop update issues will be quickly resolved. So, following the aforementioned approaches correctly may assist you in getting rid of mistakes in a hassle-free manner.

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