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Some errors in QuickBooks might occur when users are transferring or exporting files on the software. One such error is the “QuickBooks Accountant copy failed error” occurring during a file transfer on the file transfer service. The “Accountant Copy Failed” error is a commonly occurring error, that brought us here to discuss its proper resolution of this error. If you are not a reader-type user, you can always call our numbers for a quicker issue resolution. 

Why QuickBooks won’t Allow to Create Accountant’s Copy

There are several reasons why QuickBooks won’t allow a new accountant to copy on its system. There can be several factors for this error, like a system or file compatibility issue. Here are some reasons that hinder QuickBooks create a new Accountant’s copy:

  • QuickBooks Desktop is not up-to-date. 
  • The file name has special characters like dash, comma, etc. 
  • The transfer file is more than 200 MB in size. 
  • A slow internet connection on the system.
  • The firewall settings are blocking the file. 

How to Fix QuickBooks failed to create accountant’s copy Issue?

A step-by-step solution in this section will help you resolve the QuickBooks failure to create an accountant’s copy issue. For effective resolution, follow the complete guide without skipping any step. 

Solution 1: Check the Company File name

Check the company file name for special characters like commas, dash, slashes, etc. Special characters are not allowed for any QuickBooks file names and can cause compatibility issues when files are during a file transfer. 

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks

Updates are necessary for the proper functioning of any software. Updates not only keep the software to its latest version but also ensures security and firewall settings in the software. Follow these steps to update your QuickBooks:

  • Open QuickBooks, and go to “Help.”
  • Click on “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • On the window with a list of checkboxes, check all the boxes to Reset Update. 
  • Click “Get Updates” to start the QuickBooks download.
  • Restart QuickBooks once the download is complete. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest QuickBooks version. 

Once you have completed all these steps, try to send a file on the software and check for any QuickBooks accountant copy failed errors. If you still encounter the error, move on to the next steps. 

Solution 3: Reduce Company File Size

QuickBooks files have certain specifications for their company files for file transfer services. QuickBooks does not allow files that are more than 200 MB in size. If your file is larger than the required size, here is how you can reduce the file size:

  • Open the QuickBooks company file, and click F2 on the keyboard to open the product information window. 

(Note: You can restore all the files that are more than 200 MB to QuickBooks Desktop portable file (*.qbm)). 

  • Send other QBX / QBY files manually to the receiver – without using the accountant file transfer service. 

Solution 4: Repair Damaged Company File

A damaged company file can also cause issues in the accountant copy file transfer. Company files often get damaged due to improper formatting and data irregularities. Check the backup company file to repair the damaged company file for proper QuickBooks functioning. 

Solution 5: Modify permissions

There is much permission on the QuickBooks software that cause problems during a file transfer in QuickBooks. Modifying existing permissions can help avoid file transfer issues. Follow these steps to modify QuickBooks permissions:

  • Right-click on the QuickBooks installation file. On the drop-down menu, click on “sharing and security.”
  • Click on “Permission” in the dialogue box. 
  • Click on “add browse to find the current QuickBooks data service user.” Create a new accountant’s copy, read all permissions and save the file. 
  • Create a new accountant’s copy. Ensure that the company file doesn’t have special characters to avoid compatibility issues. 

Avoid any special characters like dash, comma, colon, etc. for the proper functioning of the QuickBooks company files. Check all the client’s notes, and take any sentences with double hyphens. 

After these steps are complete, you will still encounter some minute issues like “Accountant’s Changes pending” on the title bar. This issue is common and remains the same until the modification is from the accountant’s copy or deletes the restrictions. Once you delete the restrictions before any modifications from an accountant, you won’t be able to apply any automatic changes to the application that the accountant has made.

This is the complete article for the “QuickBooks Accountant Copy Failed” error that resolves after you follow these steps. To know more about other QuickBooks solutions and other QuickBooks-related tools, check out our blogs and articles on our website. 

Call us to talk to a professional QuickBooks expert who can resolve your query in minutes. Ask a question by filling out our contact form on our website so that we can you back, to your question, at the earliest. 

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