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When updating the desktop or payroll, how to fix QuickBooks Error 15103

Are you seeking the best course of action to take in order to resolve QuickBooks issue 15103? If so, finishing this blog piece will undoubtedly be helpful. One of the most typical errors in the QuickBooks 15000 series is this one. When a user tries to download QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates, this issue frequently appears on your system. These faults may be brought on by improper setup. As a result of such a mistake, the user may be unable to access the enhanced capabilities of the QuickBooks payroll service. There are several distinct series codes in the QuickBooks series 15000. Here, we will talk about QuickBooks Error 15103 and how to fix it.

What is Error 15103 in QuickBooks?

When a user downloads the QB Desktop update or payroll, error code 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop appears. One of the numerous causes of this problem is improper setup. A user who encounters this issue is unable to enjoy the updated features’ better functionality. When this issue is present, downloading, updating, installing, or removing becomes difficult. This problem also manifests in multi-user mode, where it prevents the user from accessing the corporate file.

Potential Root Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 15103

The following elements might be causing the QuickBooks error number 15103:

  • You must do a reconfiguration because Microsoft Internet Explorer is not set up properly.
  • QuickBooks is unable to validate the file’s digital signature.
  • QuickBooks was not installed properly, or the installation files were destroyed or corrupted.
  • Windows registry problems may potentially be to blame for error 15103.
  • QuickBooks has acquired a virus or other malware infestation.
  • Important Windows files have been corrupted or destroyed.
  • Your Windows operating system is out of date and may not work with your current QuickBooks version.
  • A failed QuickBooks installation may also result in an update error.
  • Incorrect network connectivity may result in QuickBooks Desktop error 15103.
  • The time and date settings on the computer are wrong, resulting in program incompatibility.
  • Firewall settings may be interfering with the app’s access to the internet. The time and date settings on the computer are wrong, resulting in program incompatibility.
  • Firewall settings might be interfering with the app’s internet connection.

Ways to correct the problem

Follow the instructions listed below to correctly resolve the problem code.

Solution 1: Install QuickBooks completely

  • First, remove QuickBooks Desktop from your computer.
  • Downloading and launching the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool is the following action.
  • then manually The QuickBooks Desktop installation folder should be renamed.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop following that.
  • Finally, the user should determine if the QuickBooks update error 15103 is still present.
  • Clean install tool for QuickBooks

Solution 2: Installing a digital signature certificate 

  • To begin, the user should open a window and look for QBW32.exe, which is located in the C: Program FileIntuitQuickBooks directory. likewise, to locate the QBW32.exe window.
  • If QBW32.exe is not found in the initial search, select “More Results” from the window search.
  • Now locate QBW32.exe, an application-type file, in the search result.
  • In this step, click QBW32.exe and then select Properties.
  • Now click the Digital Signature tab and check to see whether Intuit Inc. is checked in the list of signatures.

Solution-3 Editing Internet Explorer settings 

  • The user should initially launch Internet Explorer.
  • then select Internet settings after clicking the gear icon.
  • After that, click the security tab and then choose Trusted Sites.
  • Next, the user should add the subsequent website.
  • Visit * or * for the US version of QuickBooks.
  • For the Canadian version of QuickBooks, visit * or *
  • The Close button must then be clicked as the following action.
  • Select the Apply option now, and then click OK.
  • Verify that the QuickBooks error 15103 has been fixed before concluding the process.
  • The user should choose Details from the menu.
  • The View Certificate button in the Detail pane.

Solution-4: Set up antivirus protection

To ensure that the QuickBooks files are kept safe, the user should configure a firewall and virus defense. 

If the firewall is not resolved, trying to download updates or reinstall any version will result in harm to QuickBooks data.

Solution-5: Check the internet and QuickBooks settings

  • The user must make sure that QuickBooks files have both incoming and outgoing internet access, as well as firewall and antivirus configuration.
  • When a user tries to download an update but their firewall is not linked to QuickBooks, the 15xxx series problem could happen.

 Solution -6: Download an update in safe mode

  • The user should start the device in safe mode first.
  • Download the update following that.
  • The user should then do a standard system restart.
  • Re-downloading the update and determining whether the issue has been fixed is the final step.

Solution-7: Select the default starting mode

  • The user needs first hit Windows+R simultaneously to open the run window.
  • The user must type MSCONFIG into the Run box and then click OK.
  • then choose the Normal startup.
  • Now click the Apply button, followed by the OK tab.
  • Your system must be restarted as the last step.

Solution- 8: Use my program’s rapid remedy

  • The QuickBooks tool hub must be downloaded as a preliminary step.
  • The software is then fully installed on your PC.
  • The user should navigate to the Program Problems tab and then select the Quick Fix My Program button.
  • Fix my application, QuickBooks
  • Be patient because it can take some time for things to begin.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop must be reopened as the final step.


Errors occur often when upgrading the QuickBooks program and the payroll feature. QuickBooks issue 15103 can simply be resolved by doing a few simple actions. If the issue code doesn’t go away after trying the options above, you might require deeper troubleshooting.

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